In the shoes of a custors Reception service


At Phone Régie, we are specialists in corporate reception. Customers who choose our visitors reception service are therefore ensured that they will benefit from a professional and friendly reception, according to their values.

Indeed, we know that your brand image is at stake from the very first contact with it. That is why we pay a particular attention to your requirements to be able to greet each of your visitors the best way.

Concerned about the quality of our reception, our teams are especially trained for you, with qualified receptionists and an efficient proximity management. Thanks to our multi-site receptionists, we also guarantee continuity of  services.
You can therefore entrust us with the reception of your visitors and telephone reception with complete peace of mind!


Phone Régie, a brand of the Armonia group, is a specialist in corporate reception. Our activities are divided into 3 areas of expertise: visitors reception & telephone support (receptionist), concierge & employee well-being, customer relations centre (teleconsulting).