Webinar : the new reception codes in 2020

In partnership with the ARSEG,  our Phone Régie experts met on Tuesday 22nd September, during a webinar to exchange on the theme of “New codes for reception” at 2020″. A great opportunity for our hospitality professionals to discuss the following topics: the post-COVID reception function Digital and contactless reception with HelloClick Hospitality, the welcome of […]


Phone régie’s advice for a peaceful recovery

Part of the ARMONIA groupe, Phone Régie, specialist in company reception, shares its advice for a serene resumption of activity and favouring the protection of everyone. A few clicks are all it takes to receive the catalogue of decives and products adapted to this fragile health context. In this catalogue, Phone Régie has selected simple […]


Participation of Phone Régie in a workshop of professional reflection!

In partnership with the ARSEG (Association of Directors of the Working Environment), the Phone Régie teams took part today in a professional workshop on the theme “Reception – a strategic function to be reinvented” in Nancy. This was a great opportunity to discuss various subjects such as outsourcing, digital support for hospitality professions, training, etc. […]


A great team tomers.

Family photo! Phone Régie France sales teams are gathered today to work together on future projects. A common will: to deliver the best service to our customers. An opportunity also to present the new marketing tools and our ambitions for #2020!   Phone Régie, a brand of the Armonia group, is a specialist in corporate […]