in the shoes of a customer of… Phone Régie’s Customer Relations Center


To be a corporate reception specialist means being able to offer a quality telephone reception. By working with Phone Régie's customer relations center, you are confiding us your brand image. We are aware of the importance of your company's telephone contact, so our teleconsultants will take time to listen to your needs and accompany you.


In order to meet your requirements, our teleconsultants can work on our platforms or at your place. We offer your several services including administrative and commercial reception, audit and quality control services and a continuous online. We are multilingual and can therefore be the voice of all companies.  Whatever your needs, we can adapt!


Phone Régie in a few words:

Phone Régie, a brand of the Armonia group, is a specialist in corporate reception. Our activities are divided into 3 areas of expertise: visitors reception & telephone support (receptionist), concierge & employee well-beingcustomer relations centre (teleconsulting).